1.7 patch warcraft 3

Fixed a bug where Hunter pets were sometimes unattackable by opposing faction players.
Onyxian Warders now respawn mortal kombat armageddon wii iso pal in the hallway while Onyxia is in combat.
Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, edit, the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is a grand new event set along the coasts of Stranglethorn Vale.
Important Blackrock Documents for the Horde quest, " Warlord's Command no longer despawn.Mace Specialization - The stun effect can husqvarna 49 instruction manuals now be resisted.Diremaul will be limited groups of no more than five players each.Curse of Agony - Now benefits from items that increase shadow damage.Bottomless Bag requires significantly more mooncloth and two core leather to make now.Shoot Bow/Gun/Crossbow - Should no longer cause a global cooldown on all other abilities.Fixed bug where Primal Frenzy was giving 10 rage instead of five.TubeMate Downloader, vidMate, shareit - Transfer Share, whatsApp Messenger.Increased the drop rate of Shadowmaw Claws for Mok'thardin's Enchantment.Flarecore Gloves now bind when equipped.
Distracting Shot - Is now properly improved by the Efficiency and Hawk Eye talents.
Because of this change we can now look to adding better loot to them during future content patches.
Owls in Teldrassil now drop more eggs than they used.The drop rates for black dragonspawn eyes have been increased substantially.If more than one sony handycam software uk player ties a loot roll, a random player will receive the loot.These sets include the Devout, Prophecy, Elements, Arcanist's and Wildheart sets.You will now be able to list.lua files directly in the addon.toc file.Each addon's saved variables will be saved in the file a, and will only be loaded when the addon is loaded.Professions Edit New crafted sets have been added that require reagents found only in Zul'Gurub or through the reputation gained from adventuring therein.You can now disable the slow scrolling of text when you are receiving a new quest.