2wire gateway 2701hg-b software

If I do the "wizard" on the router, it basically tells me it sees no gateway even available even though it is clearly there and plugged into the WAN port.
The hard wired workstations can still get online and there IS a wireless network, but it does not allow internet access (page cannot be found etc.) Comcast says it absolutely should work.
I have the computer pluged into the wire but I can't get the printer or the other computer to connect to the wireless.Answered on Apr 17, 2013 1 Answer Someone has accessed my network.I have a netgear router connected to Comcast modem.We have a large list of 2Wire Passwords that you can try located here.To set your system password: Open a Web browser and access the gateway user interface by entering.Can I used, or is it set up to only work with an ATT connection?The router/modem has been reliable for the last 2 years.Settings: IP OnlyIP Address : X0X.X0X.20.31Local Security Group Type : IPSubnetIP RangeIP mysql windows (x64 64-bit) msi installer Address : Subnet Mask : Remote Group Setup Remote Security Gateway Type : IP OnlyIP AddressIP by DNS Resolved : Remote Security Group Type : IPSubnetIP RangeIP Address : Subnet Mask : AES-192AES-256AES-128 AES-192AES-256 AES-128 IPSec Setup3DES Keying Mode : ManualIKE with Preshared keyPhase 1 DH Group : Group 1 - 768 bitGroup bitGroup bitPhase.Advertisement, sep 21, 2012, i bought this wonderful voice gateway off the internet from someone.Broadband : No Ethernet Port On Old Gateway Circa 1997?
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Initially I thought it might be something with Comcast, but a) I never had the problem with my Linksys WRT54G router and b) It seems I can now duplicate the issue by saving a config file and restoring e specific issue appears to be somewhat.If there's anything that you think we're missing in configuring it tell.Linksys Wireless Router : Wrt54gs Wifi With Arris Tg852g / Ct For Comcast.However they say it is not supported and they have tried sending it the Activation signal but they say it fails. .I know I've read ways about putting combos in DMZ mode or something but I don't really know what I'm looking for because everything is worded different in this modem's n any one provide any insight as to if this is possible, and if it's.If I plug directly from my laptop to the SMC, I have internet connectivity.