alex rider stormbreaker book

His uncle, Ian Rider, told him that he worked for a bank but was actually a spy.
Sarov even comments on this.During the ending, he is shot by a sniper, but survives because he stepped off a sidewalk at the moment the bullet would have hit his heart.Grief may be an expy of Josef Mengele.General Alexei Sarov, a disillusioned former Soviet general who wants his country back.Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Damian Cray.Alex is only saved when Sarov interrupts.Crocodile Tears has references to the iPhone (January 2007 Assassin's Creed II (2009 and the Great Recession (started in 2007 but didn't really get going until fall '08).Sarov intends this disater to appear to be an accident, caused by the current Russian government failing to properly maintain its nuclear fleet.Just Between You and Me : Every book.
The Syndicate : scorpia is basically the series's version of spectre.
Bullet Holes and Revelations : The end of Stormbreaker : Sayle has a gun pointed at Alex and two shots are fired.
Point Blanc, Ark Angel and Crocodile Tears all open with acts of murder arranged by the villain.Ark Angel has Kaspar, who had his entire head tattooed to look like Earth.He even recites the".Worst News Judgment Ever : One example in Crocodile Tears where a two-paragraph article on the death of a journalist with no close family or friends manages to make page 1 with a prominent headline.Bond Villain Stupidity : Almost every book has Alex found out by the bad guys, but not killed or forced to make his way through a death trap that he also beats.During the attempted kidnapping in Ark Angel, Alex hits Spectacles between the legs with a 10 kg oxygen cylinder.Particularly the exploding snowmobile that killed.