auto manual transmission efficient shifting gears

That's what the brakes are for.
Automatic transmission decides the gear changing speeds and changes it automatically, so the driver does not have full liberty to choose what gears he/she wants to drive in, thus it is less sporty as compared to the manual transmission.
If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.This is also safer (when used appropriately) in rainy conditions as it can prevent hydroplaning.You can 'coast' between traffic signals and such that you expect to change.We have bought several sets of test cars of different types with both manual transmission and automatic transmissions and run them through our fuel-economy and acceleration tests.And many drivers find driving with a stick more engaging and fun.5, because your car's engine is running at a lower rate, it uses less gasoline!A clutch in a passenger car should last 100,000 miles (160,000 km) or more.You will spend a lot less time braking/accelerating and overall wearing yourself and your car out reacting to those idiots in front of you.In most, we found the manual delivered better mpg overall.Also driver needs to operate clutch whenever moving from a stopped position and while changing gears.Of course, there are other disadvantages to buying a stick: Manual transmissions are available on only a relatively few models, which narrows your choices.
The clutch uses solid clutch plate and pressure plate mechanism.Even when 100 of the power appears to be coming from gravity on a downhill slope, most normal cars burn more fuel in a lower gear than in a higher gear, driver 76 save game ps3 or idle.Manual transmission cars are the cars that allow the driver to change the gears as per driving needs and there is a manual clutch pedal used while changing gears.Factors, manual Transmission, automatic Transmission, initial Cost, initial cost of manual transmission cars is low.Steps 1 2, now that you know how to drive the car, begin driving as you normally would.3, shifting to a higher gear allows the car to achieve a higher top speed.Breakdown Maintenance Cost, breakdown maintenance cost of manual transmission car due to transmission related failures is lower compared to automatic transmission because of lesser complexity of manual transmission.All four of them can be much less expensive than the cost of replacing one clutch.