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The Avatar is also born into one nation, and after dying, is reincarnated into another nation following the pattern of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.As with the original DVDs, each set contained five episodes on one disc, with the exception of The Complete vcenter 5.0 virtual appliance Book One Collection Box Set, which contained all of the twenty episodes in the season on five discs.The Avatar Cycle parallels the seasons: winter for The Water Tribes, spring for the Earth Kingdom, summer for the Fire Nation, and autumn for the Air Nomads.For the Avatar, learning to bend the element opposite their native element can be extremely difficult.Retrieved July 3, onenote 2007 user guide 2010.The Complete Collection featuring all 3 books was released in the United Kingdom on August 6, 2012.Aang was portrayed to be the Last Airbender, an incarnation of all the powers of the planet."Avatar - The Legend of Aang: Book 2 - Earth: Volume 1".Along with the four elements, there are four nations that correspond with each element.Firebending and Waterbending are opposites, as are Earthbending and Airbending.In the, avatar: The Last Airbender universe, there are people who are able to manipulate, or "bend the four elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.
At the end of each season, a box set was released, containing all of the episodes from the season.After being awoken by two children from the Southern Water Tribe, he finds the world at war with the Fire Nation.The elements of water, fire, air, and earth comprised of people known as Waterbender, Firebender, Airbender and Earthbender respectively.ZMz7zv1plmsRk a b c "Avatar The Legend of Aang Book 1 - Water Vol.1".Archived from the original on July 24, 2013.