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Don't Get Bombed Into Oblivion!
You may be alone, but you have some back-up with incredibly realistic weapons including an M60 general purpose Machine Gun a twin barrel 30 caliber AA gun a 75mm AT cannon a Gattling and.45 handgu, a Variety of Enemies to Terminate, beach Head 2002.
You can use keyboard or mouse to take out the enemy and switch between your arsenal of weapons by hitting the space key.Mediocre, dFG score, read Full, beach Head 2002 Review, game Description.Destroy or Be Destroyed in Beach Head 2002!Cobra attack helicopters, f101 jet fighters, cH-53 Sirkosky helicopters.Easy Controls, Basic Gameplay, the controls are very simple to use since you are pretty much stuck in a stationary turret and only aim with the mouse or switch weapons with the keyboard.Use exactly what real forces use.Destroying the ever-changing opposition isn't easy because the forces are constantly switching their strategy and locations.
Classic game play with the sophisitication of photorealisitic 3D graphics, real-life weapons and realistic physics.
The interface is very simple and easy to pick up within a couple minutes of play.Shock-therapy adrenaline pumping realistic battlefield chaos and confusion with shock-wave and sound blasting effects.The sheer fire power you are in control of is cause for addiction and with Beach Head 2002's unlimited levels you are sure to replay again and again.Could Get Old Quickly.DFG Exclusive Review Summary, pros, the vivid graphics (i.e.There are a few levels where banshee media player for windows 7 things get a little more interesting, such as night missions where you have to use flares to light up the landscape and see the enemy forces or when the enemy wave consists of only fighter jets and you'll have.Direct Download Link 1: Beach Head.With the aid of an M-60 machine gun, a cannon, a Vulcan machine gun, an AA gun, some missiles, and a personal side arm, you are tasked to defend your fortification from infiltrating forces like helicopters, planes, and tanks.Simple Controls but Intense and Complex Gameplay.