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As appetizer intro they showed the Official AIX Teaser Video, then they explained pretty detailed info with what's the difference with AIX.
St - Lists map ID numbers, map name, game mode and the number of players if specified.
MoveKeyFromBanList CD key hash - Enter the CD key hash you want to remove from the ban list.NNextLevel - Forces the server to end the round and start the next map in the map list.All-out sony vaio smart network software War on the Modern Battlefield The award-winning Battlefield franchise invades the high tech tropix 2 full version game frontlines of modern warfare in the new sequel, Battlefield.Enhanced team play features allow players to enter the action on the front lines as part of a formal squad, or work behind the scenes in Commander Mode to direct the strategic assaults of their teammates.A couple of these maps have out of the box gameplay styles which are like team deathmatch.Description: If you currently have PR:BF2 v installed, you only need to download this patch.RrentLevel - Shows the map list ID number for the current map being played.New state-of-the-art weapon systems, including tv-guided missiles and laser designated bombs.Settingsmanager Commands These commands set a range of variables.All we ask is that if you have had fun in AIX to simply click here and then click on the vote button!
Click the above banner, select Battlefield 2 and then click on Allied Intent Xtended to help us out.Localprofile Commands tName name - Shows/Sets the name for your current account tNick nick - Shows/Sets the nickname for your current account tGamespyNick GameSpyNick - Shows/Sets the GameSpy login name for your account tEmail email account - Shows/Sets the email account for the current account.To see the list of command categories, press the TAB key twice.NfigFile new location for file - Used to specify the location of the _n file.If prompted to enter a password while installing Project Reality, use the corresponding password found here.Player Manual, description: The official Project Reality: BF2.3 player manual.Character Persistence and Growth.Full Client, diaper rash in bum crack description: The PR:BF2 v full client is made up a single ISO file which contains the standalone installer.