c sharp web application tutorial pdf

Visual Studio will then create and open a new seal hunter full version web project within the solution explorer.
To do this click the "Create Virtual Directory" button.This will then bring up the project properties configuration editor.By default it will have a single page (px an file, as well as a nfig file.To use IIS instead, select the "Use IIS Web Server" option and enter the url of the application to launch, connect-to, and use when F5 or Control-F5 is selected: Then configure the url to this application in the above popcap games pack 2012 property page for the web project.Creating a New Project, select File- New Project within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE.This will bring up the New Project dialog.
The below tutorial walks-through how to create, build and run your first web app using C# and the T Web Application Project support in VS 2005.You can do this using either the html source editor or the design-view.Click on the Visual C# node in the tree-view on the left hand side of the dialog box and choose the "T Web Application" icon: Choose where you want the project to be created on disk (note that there is no longer a requirement for.Looking under the covers, when you compile/build T Web Application projects, all code-behind code, embedded resources, and standalone class files are compiled into a single assembly that is built in the bin sub-directory underneath the project root (note: you can optionally change the location.You can use this to change the name of the generated assembly, the build compilation settings of the project, its references, its resource string values, code-signing settings, etc: T Web Application Projects also add a new tab called "Web" to the project properties list.Add a "Hello world" header to the page, along with a calendar server control and a label control (we'll use these in a later tutorial Build and Run the Project.