c windows system32 rundll32 exe file

So I thought it was a virus i had downloaded with that name.
Ivens Martins Góes normally an essential windows file, but if it appears on task manager its probably been altered by some form of virus.
Ahh amanda It is a necessary program for the dll librar to process properly.Festratocastro in Win9x, it ia a necessary process - leave it alone.Oskar The file itself is not dangerous and it is an essential file in windows.If system32.exe is located in the "C:Program FilesCommon Files" folder, the security rating is 75 dangerous.How do i find it, it is or was a part of my windowsxp.See also: Link, chris Korte, it does as Ryan starcraft vista 64 bit patch and Sid have said, but it also inhibits Yahoo messenger from working properly as well.If select exit from the tray Icon for the nvidia Control Panel, the rundll32.exe will go away.Christopher My rundll32.exe file.5kb 36kb on disk?Steveo i can't open my control panel without it master Was infected with "Virus Burster"-after ending rundll32.exe, problems ended.See also: Link Alex Paul Rundll32.exe is a legit Windows program.David Robertson Required for Windows to run and for running DLLs.
Exe is required to execute a DLL as an application, a kind of which the control panel.If you want to learn more about a virus get a older computer and down load it in to it and start playing with it and see what happens william I know that if I don't close it from my Close sprained ankle cracking sound when walking Program Box I can't.Important: Some malware disguises itself as rundll32.exe, particularly when not located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.DO NOT delete rundll32.EXE.Swap alison star creampie surprise mouse buttons and log off a user on logon.