call c dll from vb net

Switch back to code view (If you havent renamed anything, double click on Class1.vb under Solution Explorer).
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We have created a new test package for you, please download it from following URL, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx after you unzip it to a folder, please run register_t to register PDF2txtcom.
Home.NET Barcode Barcode Generation Guide T Barcode Generation Guide - How to encode barcode images using free Visual Basic code.If you have any VBA code you want to transfer across, you should now be able to paste them into dane elec portable memory drivers this class.Go Debug Build, and this will compile the.dll file.Ensure you acquire the correct version of the ObjectARX libraries for your version of AutoCAD.You can also refer to more information from following web pages, px?I tried copying same code into web base t application and I am getting " Unable to load DLL 'pdf2txt.
You can define a Function procedure only at module level.If you encounter any other problem, you may contact me by skype or MSN, I will assist you online asap.As I mentioned earlier we have already purchased one of veryPDF product for stamping and you have provided us with 64 bit version.For the C# example, please copy compiled WindowsFormsApplication1.exe and following DLL files to same folder, encryptpdf.Rectangle _pdfRect new Rectangle(0f, 0f, 612f, 792f / Entire page - PDF coordinate system 0,0 is bottom left corner.Check component LinearWinForm, and its namespace is rcode.In the new pool's advanced settings, set "Enable 32-bit Applications" to true.A function itself has a type, and the function will return a value to the calling subroutine based on the code that it contains.Txt nRet m_Pdf2TxtEx(strFolder "sample1.pdf strFolder above code can be called from both 32bit and 64bit application, if you encounter any problem with above code, please email to us your sample PDF file for checking, after we checked your sample PDF file, we will figure out.(Exception from hresult: 0x8007000B error.