cost of control manual transmission rebuild

Also, it is leaking and when I drive, it still feels like there is something wrong with the transmission.
Tremec nd and 3rd synchro rings are smaller than 1st ring dtsbk111.98 dtsbk111WS 120.98 F-series truck, P-series VAN and full size bronco 8 cyl 289ci 3 spd.Areas with higher costs of living, higher demand of services and/or lower availability of skilled technicians will charge higher labor costs, escalating the overall price.Page 4 of 4 - Previous 1 2 3 4 Comment On Your Experience With Replacing a Transmission Subject: * Amount Spent: * Car Make: Car Model: Auto Shop: Comments: Purchased: - Select Year: or before City: * State: Information about you: Email: * Email addresses.Took it to a Chevy dealer near me and was told the transmission would likely have to be replaced.Plymouth, a, chevrolet Truck Van, tremec -81.Total time spent was 3 days.The FS5W71 was used by Nissan.
RnAfter they open the transmission they said it may cost a little more it went to 3,854.20 (too much) Posted by: Danno in Kearney,.
Tremec 1968-70 dotyk crossa ebook za darmo dtsbk111.98 dtsbk111WS 120.98 galaxy 8 cyl 302ci 3 spd.
I plan on asking for a receipt showing me that this is a new transmission.Car has 250k on it so probably isn't worth t I'm rollin the dice and hoping nothing else breaks.The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (atra) has a similar function for finding a shop that follows atras Code of Ethics.Posted: July 15th, 2014 07:07PM Car Make: Acura Car Model: TL Auto Shop: Peninsula Transmission My transmission started slipping, and then wouldn't shift into any gear higher than 2nd.Tremec 1980-81 dtsbk111.98 dtsbk111AWS 120.98 ford fairlane 6 cyl 221 ci 3 spd.Our overhaul kits are designed to be top of the line.As I needed my car, what else could I do?Tremec 1976-79 dtsbk111.98 dtsbk111AWS 120.98 pickup and VAN (Full size 1987 and older) 8 cyl 305ci 3 spd.Tremec all synchro rings are the same size dtsbk111.98 dtsbk111AWS 120.98 F-series truck, P-series VAN and full size bronco 8 cyl 351 ci 3 spd.Tremec 1963-68 dtsbk111.98 dtsbk111WS 120.98 fairlane 8 cyl 260ci 3 spd.