crack up to be idiom

We could not pick up any radio stations when we were travelling through the mountains.
Plumb loco - completely crazy The man is plumb loco and everybody tries to stay away from him.Push (someone) around or push around (someone) - to make someone do what you want in an unpleasant and unfriendly way The sales manager is always pushing around his salespeople.Put up a good fight/struggle - to try hard, to struggle hard Our team put up a good fight but we were unable to win the game.I do not believe that he will move to Italy.Put (someone) in his or her place - to scold someone for rude or bad behavior, to rebuke someone Our teacher was very angry and put the student in his place for his rude remark.(a) put our heads together (b) put someone on (c) pulled strings yale wireless house alarm manual (d) pounded the pavement Answer(a) put our heads together My friend (spoiled) our plans to go to Hawaii for the seminar.A penny saved is a penny earned - money saved through being thrifty is the same as money earned by working A penny saved is a penny earned and trying not to spend a lot of money is as good as trying to earn money.Put in ones two cents - to give ones opinion The girl likes to put in her two cents when she has a chance.
Pass out - to faint Three teenage girls passed out at the rock concert.
(a) play up to someone (b) pad the bill (c) pay through the nose (d) pick up the tab Answer(c) pay through the nose The couple were (only joking with me) about the lost dog.Put some teeth into (something) - to increase the power of something The government plans to put some teeth into the new laws against property crime.Put (someone) through the wringer - to cause a lot of stress for someone The man put his wife through the wringer during their long divorce.Prey on/upon (someone) - to cheat or rob someone Criminals often prey on people who are the weakest members of society.Pay to (do something) - to be beneficial to do something I decided that it would pay to buy a new car rather than fix my old car.(a) to learn by rote (b) to live in an ivory tower (c) to have my nose in a book (d) to play hooky Answer(d) to play hooky I received (recognition for my effort) in my attempt to write a short story.Put out (about/by/that something) - to be inconvenienced or irritated about something My friend was put out that her sister did not call her when she was in town.