crystal error detected by database dll

If TCP/IP connectivity succeeds, but http connectivity is failing, use the neverwinter nights patch 1.69 following manual of turbo c software steps to resolve the most common http connectivity issues.
If an incorrect value is given here, a SQL Server error may result. .
Error code 501 PE_ERR_invalidjobno You have specified a job number that does not exist.
Error code 521 PE_ERR_badsummaryfield The summary field specified as a group sort field is invalid or non-existent.Dopo aver compilato il campo del programma di miglioramento ho salvato e ho ricevuto il messaggio eccezione non gestita impossibile aggiungere la quantità dei dati desiderata.Error code 539 PE_ERR_baddate You have specified an invalid date using the PESetPrintDate function.If only the.0 provider is installed, this provider connects using xmla.The LAN Version - Individual Workstation Setup must be installed on each workstation after completing the new installation of the caed LAN Version Server Setup.Note, vector drawing software mac for issues related to administrator connectivity to SQL Server 2005 from Windows Vista, see.Configure the Analysis Services instance to permit anonymous logons (generally only for testing purposes).Using Window Explorer, locate the install.Double click Add/Remove Programs.Dll by using Windows Explorer.If both are installed, the.0 provider is used when connecting to SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.
Analysis Services can be configured to accept only local connectionsconnection attempts by remote clients are refused.
If the SQL Server Browser service is running and you are receiving these error messages, verify that the SQL Server Browser service is running under an account with administrator rights on the local computersuch as the local system account.
Cannot connect to server ' server_name '.Microsoft Excel 2007 / Microsoft Excel 2003 The following system error occurred.Unable to connect to the Analysis Server.Add the anonymous logon user account (from either the local computer or the Windows domain) to an Analysis Services security role with the appropriate permissions.Follow the LAN Version - Individual Workstation Setup instructions for each workstation.A value of zero (the default value) means that Analysis Services dynamically assigns the port at startup.The following system error occurred: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused.