dancing in the moonlight van morrison

There is also a young woman in accurate network monitor crack prtg the back yard that was murdered.
She presents herself as a normal 5-year-old little girl in a white dress, though her dress is scorched at the bottom as is her blonde hair.Pairs of glowing red eyes were seen along with someone's finger poking through the door.If you drive under the trestles right at dusk, you can see his blue shirt blowing in the wind stuck in the middle of the tracks, and him waving to you from the tracks.It is believed to haunt the entire town.Teachers have told of hearing a woman humming while john deere 155c owners manual walking the halls.Campbellsville - Spurlington tunnel - believed to be cursed.It seems as though people that go across its lines have been tortured in the future as in there dreams and everyday life.Kids go up there and use it for paint ball games.The previous owner reported that funerals were held in the parsonage.There are no homes behind the track, it's all woods.His daughter was dating a young man who her father disapproved.
The floors and the ceilings have been said to bleed.
This building has been said to have been tested several times for paranormal activities and it tested positive.When you drive to the lake and park on the dock, turn your car off and headlights.Because it drew so many onlookers over the years the windows were painted over.People have tried to go in the old room to investigate, but they come out frightened, unable to go back.October 2004 correction/additional information: It was a young girl who suffered from seizures.Bowling Green - Western Kentucky University - The Kentucky Museum - Located on campus is haunted by an unknown male.Hwy 25 - There is a dilapidated yellow house that sits on US 25 on the northern edge of Walton,.It has also been reported that Sasquatch was seen there.Bardstown, jailers Inn - many reports of this place being haunted.Rumor is if you go to that isle you'll feel a cold wind rush past you and get the sense some one is behind you.