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Japanese Transmitter : Can transmit in English too!
Ocarc Ham Radio Supplier List Pirate Radio at The Mining Company AC6V's Links to Homebrew Antenna sites : Mostly Ham Antenna, but lots to learn!
Smart Kit : From Greece.
Free Radio Berkeley : Make a PLL kit and some Amplifier kits.Kit Manufacturers and Resellers : Broadcast Warehouse : FM PLL Transmitter Kits, Stereo Coders, fightnight champion psp iso cso Prebuilt systems.They are presented "as is" and updated regularly.Lots of other kits.Veronica Kits : FM PLL / VCO Transmitter Kits, Stereo Coders, Prebuilt systems.Circuit boards with lot of test points to see waveforms at various stages.In order for all the DMX stage lighting fixtures to have their own part of the signal stream, each one has its own address which is set on the fixture using mini car keychain camera driver buttons or switches.
Forrest Cook Ribbon J Pole from 300 Ohm TV Cable : By Gavin Reibelt VK4ZZ Construction of a JPole for 2m :.
If your fixture uses 6 DMX channels and you set it to a start address of 001 then it listens to channels 001,002,003,004,005 and 006.
See my review of FM Bugs for more info.Cott's Guide to Broadcasting 2007 club car precedent repair manual Introduction to Telecommunications : Technical discourse on differrent modulation methods Radio Data System ( RDS) : University of Newcastle, Australia arrl : Needs no introduction, I suppose Effects of vswr on radiated power : Might as well transmit what you are.Sign In, home Salary average salary is, median salary is - with a salary range from -.I am forever dipping into Ham files to see how they did things, and trying to scale it into the 3mtr band.Masters of the Universe Back when we only controlled dimmers using DMX, life was simple.CIC Electronics : One and two transistor designs Microkits : UK based manufacturer of spy surveillance transmitter kits Readymade Exciter manufacturers Ham kit manufacturers : ABC Transmitters : Good Modular readymade system based on 200mW PLL your choice of RF Amp JT Communications : They.Better use the POS150!The free atmosphere they had to play around in certain frequency bands fostered experimentation in VFO, Transmitters, Antenna.