family tree chart software

Everyone has their own ideas of what they want their family tree chart to look like, so we're not going to tell you that it should look a certain way.
You can send us file up to 2 GB in size using our account.
And, if you haven't already done so please watch the video about our services.The presented apps are designed to help you in this task.A family tree is a kind of chart that demonstrates family relationships in a convenient tree structure.Please call us at or e-mail us at if you have any questions about having your chart printed.What is a Family Tree?Upon receiving your genealogy data and order form, we'll call or e-mail you if we have any questions.The file types which are listed in the table below are the file extensions (FTW, ftmb, GED, LWC, VC2, CHT, PDF, FHC, PAF) which are associated with different genealogy software programs.The file you should send us depends upon where you have your genealogy data and whether you want photos in your chart.Just because your software program allows you to add a solid color background to the chart doesn't mean it's a smart thing.
If you're ordering by mail, print our order form, and fill in the required information.When you're ready to submit your genealogy data to have your family tree chart printed, the process is incredibly easy.Family History Template for Word - Theme 2, these family tree templates have everything from your mom-dad's courtship days to medical history to family traditions to past vacations.ancestors of John Smith, descendants of John Smith, etc.).The fun of telling your family's story is easier with a printed family tree chart at hand).