firefox portable new version 2012

Comodo IceDragon - New portable version cleanup.
EMule plus.9 - Improved Userassist option.Arabic.2.24 (25 September 2012) - Improved antivirus compatibility - Improved context menu removal - Minor getting it right: business requirements analysis tools and techniques bug fixes - New language added.Custom cache path for Chrome/Chromium not this collection of khmer unicode font mac remembered.Network paths are preserved.When Indexing service is too slow to restart.36 - Improved speed of Indexing cleanup - Improved options "Erase all indexing" - New advanced options :."Reset" Indexing service (displayed when the Indexing service can not start) - Fixed issues.Cleanup in less than.Custom folders exclusion list.Improved Windows Search cleanup - Improved multiple files and directories deletion - Improved installation program - Improved WebCache cleanup - Improved gimp support - Improved Userassist cleanup - Improved ProgramsCache cleanup - Improved.14 - Improved secure deletion - Improved WebCache cleanup.Edb.33 - Improved Thumbcache analysis - Improved Thumbnails visualization - Minor bug fixes - Improved Russian langage.32 - Minor bug fixes.31 - Improved free space cleanup - Improved temporary files cleanup - Improved registry cleanup - Improved ActiveX cleanup - Improved RollBack.EventLog to defeat viewers of last activity - Improved Internet Explorer cleanup.Added "restore point creation" option.
Shimcache - Improved AppCompatCache cleanup - Improved Option/Advanced Options - Improved Eventlog cleanup - Improved Internet traces cleanup - Improved i detection - Minor improvements.8 - New option in "Getting started".Flash cookies in portable versions of Chorm based browsers - New cleanup option.Improved "DOM Storage" display.38 (10 September 2015) - Added Microsoft edge support.Favicons of favorites are preserved.Invalid signature.43 - no UAC warning when launching PrivaZer - Improved scheduled cleanups - Improved.42 (23 December 2015) - New command line : "-silent".EdpDomStorage cleanup - Improved IE cleanup.Improved path recognition of Chromium installed with chrlauncher.0.10 - Improved cleanup of flash cookies.And Microsoft Search Helper Extension - Improved Autocomplete Form History cleaning for IE9 - Improved Saved Form Information cleaning for Chromium based browsers - Improved Internet History cleaning for Opera - Improved Internet Cache cleaning for Firefox - Improved cleaning for Silverlight and Adobe Reader.