ford galaxy mk1 repair manual pdf

But youll also need to make sure you line up the holes with the bolt holes in the hub while youre doing.
Power Torque.8T I4 20V AJH 1781 cc 110 kW (150 PS; 148 hp) @ 6000 rpm 210 Nm (150 lbft) @ rpm.
Dont forget to remove the bricks or rocks from the wheel under which you placed them before you try to pull away.
It only takes a split second for a dozing driver to wipe you out, so always use an emergency phone or your mobile to call for a recovery service that can move you to a safe place before you attempt any sort of work.So check your spare wheels pressure every time you check your other tyre pressures you should do this every couple of months, at least.2 The liquid gas tank is built into the spare wheel well so it does not compromise on passenger and loading space of the Sharan's interior, although it does eliminate the spare tyre.On some cars, you might find it under the bonnet.Its important to use the wheel brace now to tighten up the wheel nuts/bolts.The last thing you want is for your car to roll away while youre trying to change a wheel, and there are two ways to make sure that doesn't happen, in addition to putting the handbrake.Usually, this will be beneath the front or rear window, either just behind the front wheel arch, or just in front of the rear one, depending on whether its a front or rear wheel that needs to be changed.Slide the four or five holes in the wheel over the four or five threaded studs that the original wheel was mounted.AutoEuropa plant in, palmela, Portugal.
Clear up and hit the road.
Originally, this was due to an agreement between Ford and Volkswagen, leaving the market free from competition for Ford's Aerostar minivan.I4 8V ATM 1984 cc 85 kW (116 PS; 114 hp) @ 5200 rpm 170 Nm (130 lbft) @ 2600 rpm.8 VR VR6 24V AYL 2792 cc 150 kW (204 PS; 201 hp) @ 6200 rpm 265 Nm (195 lbft) @ 3400 rpm.2010 I4 8V BVK 1896 cc 85 kW (116 PS; 114 hp) @ 4000.Got one to sell?The last first generation Ford Galaxy rolled off the AutoEuropa line at the end of 2005, while the first generation Sharan and seat Alhambra continued in production, alongside the Volkswagen Eos and the new Scirocco, until August 2010.If the car feels like its going to slip at any point, or the jack starts to lean folder lock fre serial crack torrent over, stop jacking and wind the jack back in the other direction.Most spare wheels these days are kept in a compartment below the boot floor.Dont use the wheel brace just yet just make sure the nuts/bolts are finger-tight.