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And the franchise that it's been doing this the most with is undoubtedly the company's legendary Mega Man series.
Capcom is doing it right now with everything from Street Fighter to swords and sandals 3 hack Resident Evil and apparently plans to do it with one of its newest franchises, Onimusha.
Nobody can ever say that Capcom doesn't get the most out of each and every one of its significant franchises.
Whenever the company finds something that'll sell, it does its best to milk it for every penny that it's worth.MegaMan X (1997 megaMan huong dan crack sap2000 v12 X2 (1994 megaMan Legends (1997).Mega Man X5 / Rockman X5 / RU / Platformer / 2002 /.Megaman X 5 (2002/ PC /Repack/Rus) by Pilotus.Mega Man X 6 (PS/ PC ).# FF2-003, Excellent Condition, Nice, Late-model, Fully-programmable Hydraulic Cutter, Compact Size, Convenient 1-phase 220 V Power.
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