honda sh 50 manual pdf

Slide the lock plate up to secure the pivot.
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0 Check that there are no signs offuel, oil or water leaks.
The primer bulb must be positioned so the outiet end is higher or can be positioned higher than the inlet end.Torque:34Nm (25 fHb) parts usting 1 1 2 Oneend of the tie bar center tube, threaded rod, and rod end have left-hand threads while the other e d has right-h nd theads.Notbtnd the.;nd hllmtlltl lhllltply.Replacement bulbs: GE161.11-5 Propeller Installation, Typical.913 Analog Hour Meter Installation.Date ollssue: June 2003 C meflcan Honda Molo., Inc.In order to view and print Honda Power Equipment Owners/Operators Manuals, your software radio offline untuk laptop computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed.Attach the hose to the brass crack do harry potter i insygnia еmierci 2 fotting and secure it with a cable tie.Be sure at least one thread of the bolt is visible notice Donot use an ai e American Honda Motor., Inc.1-44 Typical PropeUer allation.
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A Bums from hot parts.2) 13i Saowanvor.Descripti n Right-Hand Left-Hand Part.Usingthewrong propeller can cause motor damage through "lugging" the motor or " fox rp2 user manual overspeeding." The proper propeller will assure powerful acceleration, topspeed, good fuel economy, cruising comfort, and longerengine service life.They are not water/corrosion resistant.