hp thin client t5145 image

It turns out that it's a conventional 200-pin sodimm plugged into a socket on the bottom the board.
Interestingly the U700 datasheet (but not the RBT-402 datasheet) mentions two processor options: VIA Eden NanoBGA2 400MHz or VIA Eden ULV 500MHz.
In view of the space considerations I would guess that you're stuck with a standard DOM should you decide to repurpose the unit and need more memory.
Define user access to websites, single and multi-purpose apps.HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.It turned out to be relatively easy to access: Remove the four screws below the four screws that you removed to take the top off the unit.As low as 1/3rd of typical thin client CPU usage4.Updates, the latest firmware used be found on the VXL web site.Clientron (renamed 2007) was formerly Bcom (established 1983).While at kamasa moisture meter user manual the time of writing (March 2011) it can still be found on the 10ZiG site it is no longer a current product.RAM: When you take the top off there is no immediate sign of any RAM.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
Enhanced HD video and 3D graphics presentation.Essentially the following models would appear to have this as their hardware base: U700, RBT-402, RBT-416, RBT-416v, RBT-420, RBT-466, RBT-470, RBT-472v.(The bios release notes indicate that the previous version just applied this restriction to the master drive, not the slave).Windows Embedded HP Thin Clients run the most powerful line of business applications, and are easily customized to perform the specialized functions you rely on daily.Allowing flexible mounting options and low shipping costs.