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To connect with friends on Bleep, click.
Supported chat networks: AIM, bonjour, gadu-Gadu, google Talk, groupwise, iCQ.
Bleep depends on the BitTorrent protocol to share messages, and it functions as its own chat service.You might use this to convey sarcasm or show whats changed, for example.To add a friend using their public key click the icon at the bottom of the screen, paste their public key on the next screen, and then click.BitTorrent Bleep, advantages: Encrypted chat, not server-client based, desktop mio c510 user manual and mobile, no user account required.Italics, put _underscores_ around the words you want to emphasize.Tor network, provides a reasonable amount of anonymity as well.Note: At this writing, the beta had a minor bug in it that caused the program to crash in Windows.Find out how to change your IM font.You can also switch off formatting in your IM settings.
You can also use some basic formatting in your instant messages to make them more interesting.Tor Messenger based on the Instantbird project.Otherwise we expect a fix to be made public soon.Bleep is probably the most complex of the three programs, but once you get the hang of it its really not that hard.Whether you prefer to chat using the browser, a desktop app, or absolutely must use Google Talk, one of these programs should suit your needs to keep your conversations private.The Tor project recently released a beta version of a traditional desktop instant messenger called.Cryptocat by developer Nadim Kobeissi.Strikethrough, bookend your text with tildes to put a strike through.