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More women are coming forward in the art beach head 2002 game torrent scene, says Latha.
Manaswini Rao, who says she is a shy person, finds a friend in art.
These words define the works of skyrim ps3 patch 1.9 link Sunila Mahajan, Latha Kruthi, Deepthi Udupa, Meghana Parkala and Manaswini Rao.
They are showing their art at Colourful Sagas organised by Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery.They believe that art has no gender barriers and is universal, but they wish people would be more accepting of women artists.But, somewhere after marriage and children, I stopped.She also loves realistic paintings, inspired from mythology.Deepthi Udupa, a home-maker, says multi-tasking defines her life.A graphic designer for seven years, Sunilas engagement with the human mindscape is evident in her abstract acrylic works which are titled Temptation, First Crush and Infatuation.My works are a fusion of realistic and modern art.
The idea of liberation is captured through a girl holding on to a bunch of keys with feathers and a woman dancing without any inhibitions.But, she says she realised that was mistake she made, not to take her talent seriously.Her painting of Lord Ganesha is a blast of neon colours and resembles a three-dimensional digital image.But, I chose to work behind the scenes as a graphic artist, because I cannot express well through words.She resumed her painting classes 10 years ago, with some nervousness but soon realised this was her true calling.