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Virus472 (2015) LP download -.00 butthole surfers Brown Reason To Live Brown Reason To Live is their very first release from way back in 1983.
it breathes and bleeds a tough spirit that could only have been born in the streets, bars, and empty warehouses of casio alarm chrono w 71 manual Philadelphia,.This is a 6 CD box set that speaks about Black Power and the struggles of liberation movements, from the archives of Alternative Tentacles.Boston's very own Disaster Strikes delivers this brand new hard-hitting album on Alternative Tentacles!Join in their cavalcade of sixteen bliss-inducing tracks of aural ecstacy amidst duel guitar harmonization, heavy/melodic switchbacks, and apocalypto-mystical lyricism!This hippie slayer of a release gets the vinyl treatment it deserves!Virus394 (2009) 7" -.00 blatz / filth Shit Split iTunes emusic Finally back in print!Don't forget their 1st AT 12" Brown Reason To Live!Ex-Shockabilly protest folkster meets deranged rockabilly guitarist for a little Deliverance-style backwoods shenanigans.The CD is finally back in print!
unavailable neil hamburger / THE hard-ONS American Exports iTunes emusic Back in 2008, legendary Australian punk group The Hard-Ons teamed up with "America's Funnyman" Neil Hamburger on reluctant vocals to create this hilarious and improbable punk rock artifact.Virus427 (2011) CD -.00 jello biafra AND THE guantanamo school OF medicine Audacity Of Hype iTunes emusic Bandcamp It's the awe-inspiring collaboration from Jello you've been waiting for!Is this the 90s?With a thicker, punchier, heavier rhythm section, they forged a sound that is uniquely theirs!Fans of Nomeansno and the Dog Faced Hermans other band, The Ex, will dig this!