leica lrf 1200 scan user manual

Reflective items to 3400 yards What?
Lets move out on the same sign.
Oh I cant wait to test that one Ha Ha!
The dispay inside will show you these items that you have chosen from the menu for set.I like a beam tight and this is not as tight as some, but tighter than many we have seen in the past.OK, lets stretch hoover floormate h3000 manuale italiano her out here and this was the next day in full sun.At nearly 8 times the suggested retail of the Kilo, the plrf10 will set the stage for accuracy in any condition, and it is a proven accurate unit.Plrf 10 says, 661 yards.Kilo said 860.4, 860.4, 860.4.
Remember the kilo is giving me tenths too.
Also the sign is to the left of the road, I moved the RF as I put my phone up to it for the pic.Conditions are still overcast.So both the Leica and the Kilo likes the conditions better here.Three sample distances were taken.But the SIG manual said trees to 1500 so lets range a few.Targets inside a timber where you have to sneak by trees.