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Further, the temperature-controlled mixing valve 36 supplies water into the water treatment module 24 close to the temperature at which the reverse osmosis filter 100 (FIG.
The blood inlet port 1022 is also vertical, as is the outlet 1020.It is common in extracorporeal blood circuits to have a blood filter which filters the blood as well as eliminates air or gas bubbles.The RO filter 100 valves are directed to bypass to drain.The dialysate solution typically has been passed through a dialzyer during dialysis of a patient's blood.At step 760, the pump 212 speed is reduced to 300 ml/min.In the figures, the platform 250 is an integrally molded housing mounted to the side of the tank 202 and having a top 304 with four apertures.As the dialysis process continues, the boundary zone migrates down the tank 202 as the volume of fluid in the upper zone of old dialysate increases and the volume of fresh or new dialysate diminishes.The dialysate temperature is about 30 degrees.
The second membrane 1006A serves as a safety mechanism.
The digital photo professional manual mac first relates to the fact that the dialysate have historically not been sterile.A preferred pressure regulator 38 can be obtained from Norgren.Preferably, the user interface and control module 25 for the dialysis machine 22 includes a software diagnostic routine which can be assessed from the user interface to check the various sensors in the unit 22 and to manipulate its activity.The air bubble detectors are enabled and the arterial and venous clamps are opened.The intel line 406 carries dialysate solution to a thermistor 408, deneba canvas 8 mac which monitors the temperature of the fluids in the line 406.Line 295 connects the disinfection port 495 of the disinfection manifold 494 (FIG.A three-way valve V17 is placed at the intersection of lines 206 and 209 and determines which line 206, 209 is static.The platform further has a rim 302, 326 and sidewalls 318 partituras bossa nova piano pdf and 319.28 and 29 show the states of the components of the water pretreatment module.