loading ioncube loader win 5 2 dll

However this installation does not include ionCube loader.
If/when the PHP Group release 64 bit builds of PHP for Windows, it is likely that we would follow with a 64 bit Loader for Windows some time later.
It is simple to setup.Currently im running Windows 2008 64bit with PHP (v32bit IIS7 running in 64bit mode.Open file i, c:i.I am running php.2.4 which is working properly.64 BIT ERA IS here!Unfortunately, it is not so simple and we know of at least one 64-bit Windows build that is wrongly doing 32-bit arithmetic, presumably because it is defaulting to the Windows 32-bit definition of a long.Afterwards, IonCube will be loaded by PHP and you can verify this via.
I changed to PHP isapi instead of fastcgi, now it works on both 32 and 64bit web24open Joined: Posts: 4 Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:32 pm Post subject: anyone managed to run ioncube on windows 2008?The problems with the official PHP distribution is probably why there's a spinoff project for 64 bit PHP on Windows.To enable the IonCube PHP Extension in WampDeveloper Pro:.The ionCube loaders are available only for 32-bit Windows platform.Due to large amount of warez sites publishing nulled versions of our scripts we are forced to bring security of our scripts to another level.I just tried to set it on: Win 2K8 64bit, canon zr 950 manual PHP Version.2.5 (x64 using isapi and TS It does not work, i've put all files and added lines to i and it just doesn't hack wifi password with windows xp work.The newer versions can replace the older versions by simply copying-over PHPs existing ioncube_loader.