lyrics to z ro crack

On top, eliminating competition when we buck shot.
Sipping purple Sprite, mack a broad tonight.
Barely enough government cheese, left to feed the rats.
Mighty job me and for God upon you, take this pain away.Candy wet as a sherm head, it's gon' leak forever.That's the only place where 5-0, won't burst us bust.Blood pumpin and rushin shogun 2 fall of the samurai crack skidrow fix I gotta struggle to survive I be rappin but I cant do it a nine to five, long as it be legal I be willin' to try all I need is a pair of wings I be willin' to fly tryin.I put it in yo face that's why I stay on your mind.And in the ghetto, we struggle or we hustle til we bubble.But we gotta get it how we live, and how we live is selling crack.Hook, slim Thug, thug boss, show up and show out.
It's a H-Town kinda day Send "H-town Kinda Day" Ringtone to your Cell Z-ro lyrics.
If I should die before I wake, me leave a blessing for the people today.The weight of my stress is like a 50 ton boulder, making my head heavy cant be lifted by my shoulders, now wonder why my head down, ive been thinkin to hard I can I cant be smoking my pipe I been drinkin to hard.I'm a press 100, 000 and sell each and every copy.Screwed Up Click until it's over, I put that on my soul.But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die.Yeah the 300 got suicide, and Lamborghini do's.