manual camera canon a430

LCD Monitor The LCD monitor is sharp, color-accurate and bright.
I'd skip the junky "heavy duty" batteries sold in dime stores.
Most people will get less battery kamen no maid guy episode 9 life.
Image stabilization : none.ISO 200: Sharp and noisy.Color accuracy is irrelevant.Optical viewfinder: Yes, about 80 coverage.I got the low battery symbol at 450 shots.Canon A550 at 199.
(213.1g measured with alkaline batteries and memory card but no strap.It has a regular zoom knob by the shutter button and a lot of little extras which add up to more than 50 if you're picky.LCA (Edge Color Fringes) I can't see any with the A460.File sizes vary wildly with image complexity.It's so good I have to learn to stop using the custom manual white balance in mixed artificial light.All Powershots released after mid 2009 are not capable of remote control anymore.Shutter: 1 - 1/2,000.