manual card reader hybrid smart

Read More 16:36:00, rS 232 Magnetic Stripe Motorized Card Reader, ISO7810 ID-1 EMV Smart Card Reader Description: Motorized card reader CRT-310-N with below main features: Three in one: rfid/IC card read/write, magnetic stripe.
Read More 15:17:58, eMV Hybrid Card Reader Description: IC RF card reading writing Special baffle design for protecting reader from foreign object Small dimensions, easy maintenance, cost efficient Customization services Two kinds.
CIS-4000 series, dual Card Issuing Station for Magnetic, Contact Contactless IC Card Dispenser.
CIM-6000 series, dual Cartridge Card Issuing Machine for Magnetic, Contact Contactless IC Card Dispenser.The compact and robust.TIM-2000 series, ticket Issuing Machine with Thermal Printer.It functions reading single, dual or triple ISO.Read More 15:17:55, manual Insertion Dip Card Reader With Card Latch Function, rosso rabbit trouble game IC Smart Card Reader Applications: Fuel dispensing, gaming, government, parking system, transportation AFC, utility Description: IC RF card read.Phone : 49 (0) FAX : 49 (0) E-mail.
Security Catridege Card Issuing Machine for Magnetic, Contact Contactless IC Card Dispenser.KYT-7400 series Flush Bezel Type, manual Insert Hybrid Card Reader, cIM-5000 series Security Catridege. The model handles hybrid IC rfid Reading/Writing with slim package and simple structure. .KYT-7000 series, manual Insert Hybrid Card Reader, cIM-8000 series.Top Vendor for Magnetic Card Reader, Manual Insertion Card Reader, Motorized Card Reader, Card Dispenser and POS Peripherals etc.Description: Motorized card reader CRT-350 with below main features: 3 in 1:IC/rfid/Magnetic card.