maytag plus refrig manual

The Maytag basically frosted over in the freezer and was warm in the upper part of the fridge.
Called for a repair and when the repairman called in the parts he was told he needed 2 computer boards.
The new fan was installed and my only problem with the fridge now is the ice maker, which I disconnected.
It has an outside ice and water dispenser as well and the lights will blink on and off of course when the fridge cut off.I thought when I moved to Florida, I wouldn't have to scrape ice.They are sending out a tech again but that will require two service calls because they always have to order parts, which takes 2-3 weeks.Yes No Our Maytag ref.It was replaced under warranty, but again quit working jah cure prison walls 12 months later.Le fait d'appuyer une fois sur un bouton de commande au mode "veille" réactive uniquement l'écran d'affichage, sans modifier les réglages.I originally thought it would be too small because I was buying it to fit a certain space in the kitchen.First the center rail holding up the Fruit/Veg drawers snapped within a month then the freezer drawer would not close properly which gave us all sorts of problems (door open lights flashing and fridge staying on longer.I'm sick of this appliance.I think all of these complaints need to go to BBB.
I grew up watching the Maytag man as a child and thinking "that must be a top of the line product." Boy was I wrong.
After getting it open I discovered the fan inside was wired to a circuit board which upon inspection was a timing circuit.I thought Maytag was known for quality.The freezer has had issues with improper sealing since I bought.I haven't had any problems since I bought.Si aucune modification n'est apportée dans les 2 minutes qui suivent, l'affichage passe de nouveau au mode "veille".Ne pas utiliser un objet pointu pour briser les glaçons dans le bac d'entreposage.Le distributeur de glaçons La glace tombe du bac d'entreposage de la machine alcohol 120 1.4.8 build 1222 crack à glaçons dans le congélateur lorsqu'on appuie sur le levier du distributeur.The dishwasher panel needs to be replaced and I have just decided to replace both of these products with a different brand.Yes, no, on the 11/25/16 bought a refrigerator at Home Depot.