musto breathable jacket manual pdf

This is an important test and one which is very rarely"d by motorcycle clothing manufacturers.
Chest and 34" (street clothes) sleeve.They help to keep the jacket from riding up in the back, which then helps lock in warmth by preventing air from flowing.Zones 3 and 4 are classified as "More Comfortable" and they can meet Level 1 protection standards at a gameloft real football 2011 minimum.The iron 1000 ballistic fabric, which can be seen as the high-visibility yellow color in our black/yellow version of the Tekno in the photos, is quite different from other types of motorcycle jacket fabrics we have experienced in the m clothing reviews.Here is a map indicating the locations of Clover retailers in other countries.Two more le prisonnier 2009 french vertical waterproof zippers open vents on either side at the rear of the jacket.
I *could* get it online, but Customs and the likelihood of my not getting the right fit the first time (thus having to send it back, which gives Customs at least two more chances to get on my back) causes me to shy away from.Update: The Clover Tekno jacket is the webBikeWorld 2012.Is approximately.00 (approx.These standards include: EN 340: Protective clothing (general requirements).But beyond all of these technical standards for protection and safety, the Clover Tekno jacket also has stylish good looks and outstanding quality.I'll make an announcement as soon as we know more.Always check before purchasing.Expanded size and color range.When combined with the Level 2 protection in Zones 1 and 2, the jacket can meet the EN-13595 standard as a Level 2 Personal Protective Device.These are very long, about 230 mm, and they each have a small snap power plant construction safety manual pdf near the top that can be fastened to keep the vents open.