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Asking and answering questions about work Present your product to the Dragons The student and the angel Lucky talk Listening Interview with Dagmara The man in the photograph Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School for Boys Four American architecture students describe their 'dream house' Radio consumer programme.New Total English retains all the popular features of the original edition including clear CEF-related objectives which make lesson planning easy.Reported speech: sentences and questions gerunds and infinitives 82 revise AND check 7 B In the street; Short films Trinity College, Dublin 84 A Lucky encounters third conditional 8 B Too much information!Sic by Charles Stobo Reid and Craig Morris Reid.But this permission does not extend to additional schools or branches.221 (Handball tourna1nent(Marit Hommedal/AFP).At the address above.As well as the main A and B lessons, the Gran1n1ar.
Money and business How long have you?2004/Ethan Miller/Reuters Getty Images.150 (Tennis player/Ghislain Marie David de Lossy).ITutor DVD-ROM accompanies the Student's Book to encourage home-study and further practice.Tchaikovsky's house The King of Complainers In the Dragons' Den The ticket inspector A question of luck?Action and non-action verbs future forms: present 4.5 aim dead iso continuous, going to, will I won't jlJ each other 12 1141 practical english Episode 1 Meeting the parents 14 A Spend or save?Adams/Steve Bainbridge/Sunday Mirror Oxford University Press.156 (Smiling teenage girl/Image Source).Mustrationsby: Paul Boston.21S; Camille Corbetto/Colagene.161.English File third edition is true to the English File formula: clearly presented language input in every File; interesting texts and topics that motivate students; activities and exercises that practise language in a context that is relevant to a busy adult's everyday life.