nortel networks model ntdu91 user manual

To Leave a Message for Someone in Your Office:.
Note: We are not Nortel Networks.An example the "Norstar Startalk Flash" voice mail downthemall addon for ie system is 2 port and 24 mail boxes and is expandable to 4 ports and 48 mailboxes.If your company extensions are 4 digits long enter "10020000".Lift handset, press Voice Call key or press the Feature button, then press.Press the Feature button, then 77 *This will show you a "static" duration of your call To Use Last Number Redial:.Press the OK softkey To Change your Ring Type:.You want to change the name.Press "Ok" in the window when you are done recording and then "Ok" again to accept the recording Nortel Networks Meridian Norstar Phones Nortel Networks Norstar Phone Systems Nortel Networks Norstar Voice Mail Systems ATT, Lucent Merlin Phones ATT, Lucent Merlin Plus Phone Systems ATT.You would more likely need 6 to 8 phone lines. .Your system is fully supported and your fee is approx.They are extensions of the telephone system.
Enter the mailbox number (extension number.
This telephone system supports up to 272 total system ports.
Lift handset or press the intercom key.Nortel Technical Support, we are Nortel, Norstar, and Meridian experts offering simple remote phone support or onsite technician troubleshooting.Ports: The term port means circuit.How do we pay for support?Dial the extension number of the person you are transferring.There are several members of the Norstar Office Phone System family from the compact 6 line 16 extension system to the isdn 30 compatible 0x32 modular system capable of up to 128 extensions.And your password all together followed by the sign.