pdf file using jquery ajax

Another classic problem with browser file downloads Happy path user experience.
In this article the GridView is displaying images from crack norton internet security 2013 trial reset SQL Server Database.
In a general case a file downloads occur after a user clicks an a href location link.Js Library jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax-like file download experience that isnt normally possible using the web.The browser responds by opening up a file download dialog (or ribbon) for the user to download the file.Location of a page using JavaScript.Translate into your own language, fileVista - Web File Manager, fileVista is a web based file manager for storing, managing and sharing files online through your web browser.It also provides a robust, secure and easy online file management for your users who needs to access the files remotely from anywhere anytime.You can't use it to restore the file to the original location anyway (as you have absolutely no control over where downloads are stored, or even if they are stored) so in practice it is not a lot of use to you anyway.
Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to enable or add Pagination functionality to GridView Control.
By dynamically inserting a hidden iframe into the DOM and setting its location to the desired file path we can initiate a file download just like it was occurring in the main application window.Display images from SQL Server Database in t GridView control.See how easy it is: (document).ready( function container_id.fileTree( root: some/folder, function(file) alert(file Demo: live demonstration, ajax File And Folder Manager: Relay.The concept is nothing new in fact: If you browse around the web you will find plenty of forum posts discussing the same technique, I just wasnt able to find a succinct easy to use plug-in to do it hence my decision to create this.Implement Pagination in t Gridview Control.