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They were trying to sell the birds for 700 for the pair.
Six of the 13 birds were babies that are still being hand-fed.
She is very loving unless provoked; then she can be mean.Near Manito Park and the Japanese Gardens on Spokane's South Hill.They took some of the containers the babies were in they looked around found a grey baby that was not doing well in isolation took it too.4/11/00 - lost, AZ - Sun Conure, Sara, flew matlab pdf plot size out in vicinity of Kolb Golf Links.E-mail Jennifer Nelso: 6/20/98 mtx thunder elite 1501d manual - found, FL - There is a very, very sweet and tame Orange Wing Amazon that has been found in Boca Raton.Sun Conure -9 months old.I have asked for more info!10/25/98 - lost, OH - Lost budgie in Brunswick, Ohio Near Pearl.She does not talk and is not banded.Vader belongs to my son, who paid for him with his pocket money and car wash over this last year.
Adam Winge 8/22/98 - lost, WA - A friends Amazon flew out door on Friday (22nd) evening.
He said they were picnicking at the park, and the bird flew down to them looking for food.
1 Amazon Sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 1 Rose Breasted has deformed beak - lower grows up over top one.Toby is 3 years old banded, sex unknown.Taken were:.Barney cannot fly, he got spooked and caught a draft and floated down into the depths of the woods.She has a long tail feather that is a beautiful teal blue.Please if anyone has any ideas on what to do or things we could do to bring her home please let me know.Area most likely to be found is Plant City/Lakeland, FL Any info call Jean Pattison.Bird's wings are unclipped.7/12/98 - found, PA - Sunday, I captured a male parakeet adult, one missing foot and a banded leg?You can also email me: Carol at and I will immediately contact her.