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Enter the correct code: 5174 (R).
Examine the chest; take the corkscrew (D).Give the carrot to the bunny; take the four-leaf amulet (U).The total amount of Pounds that can be gained through the main game (including completion of all the riddles of the Black Diary) is 320.We closed with him, the yards entangled, the cannon touch'd, My captain lash'd fast a dictionary of proverbs pdf with his own hands.29 Blind loving wrestling touch, sheath'd hooded sharp-tooth'd touch!Take both keys (Z and and place them in the locks (Z1).Sermons, creeds, theology-but the fathomless human brain, And what is reason?Touch Marlenas Tank (R).It is a trifle, they will more than arrive there every one, and still pass.Place the 3 buttons on the typewriter.Zoom into the stairs for a puzzle.
Press the dice you dont need to put them back in the bowl.
To cotton-field drudge or cleaner of privies I lean, On his right cheek I put the family kiss, And in my soul I swear I never will deny him.
Place the horse EYE in the socket and touch it; take the Black Diary Page (F).Wherever he goes men and women accept and desire him, They desire he should like them, touch them, speak to them, stay with them.The sentries desert every other part of me, They have left me helpless to a red marauder, They all come to the headland to witness and assist against.Swiftly arose and spread around me the peace and knowledge that pass all the argument of the earth, And I know that the hand of God is the promise of my own, And I know that the spirit of God is the brother.Place the latchkey on the nail (T).Long I was hugg'd close-long and long.Vapors lighting and shading my face it shall be you!Arrange the mask picture by placing the tiles in the right spots (H).Now I see it is true, what I guess'd at, What I guess'd when I loaf'd on the grass, What I guess'd while I lay alone in my bed, And again as I walk'd the beach under the paling stars of the morning.Why should I venerate and be ceremonious?