star wars battlefront 2 cheats ps2 invincibility

Choose the pilot, and get into a Snow Speeder.
Submitted by kubota kx user manual marok While playing, pause the game and input UP, UP, UP, left, UP, down, UP, UP, left, down, down, down, left, UP, down, down, left, right.
Geonosis Stills: Geonosis - Battle Of Geonosis (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars).
Bots cannot reenter the shuttle (and subsequently explode it) if you land it on a ramp or on a narrow stretch of floor (as on some stages) since the majority of the shuttle body is floating off the ground.You can move to the corner of the blast wall in the corner and sometimes get healed by the medical droid on the other side.Camp there with a sniper rifle and keep firing.Stop short of taking down the droids with Mace Windu or taking over the final enemy bunker and you have literally all day to complete your tasks.Submitted by sbfolger9266 Jedi and Sith enemies are tough to take down, but not impossible.The code turns off only when your game system is rebooted and may only be entered in Rise of an Empire mode.
Rebel Trooper: Hoth uniform (Hoth map urban camo (both Bespin maps).
Fly to any tall stone pillar and land.
Once your character is grabbed, hit pause and choose to respawn.Empire hover tank: The circle on the back.The Droidekas will regain most of their health while their shields are up, making them even more difficult for opponents to destroy.Instant action missions, successfully complete a mission in historical campaign mode to unlock the same mission in instant action mode.Ordering an advance, first, get the biggest group possible to follow you.A chirp similar to the one heard when pausing will occur.While playing in offline mode, pause the game and input UP, UP, UP, left, down, down, down, left, UP, UP, UP, left, right.Next Xbox Cheats Previous PC Cheats.