sun fire x4270 m2 server service manual

Pressing the Locate button will toggle LED fast blink on or off.
Removable media, none, uSB ports, five USB.0 ports, two front, two in rear, one internal.
Table 1-3 Servers Dimensions Parameter Sun Fire X4270 M2 Server Height.43 inches/87.12 mm Width.75 inches/425.45 mm Depth.0 inches/762.0 mm Weight 65 lb/ Internal System Cables The server internal cables are listed in table 1-4.
OFF - Indicates steady state; no service action is required.Steady ON - The server is powered on and all host post tests have completed.Sun Fire X4270 M2 Server.Internal storage drives, available in two configurations: Up to 12,.5-inch SAS, sata, or SSD storage drives with HW raid controller or, up to 24,.5-inch SAS, sata, or SSD storage drives with HW raid controller.Memory 18 slots for DDR3 dimms: Up to 144 GB of 1333-MHz ECC registered DDR3 memory.1.5.1 Server General Status Indicators There are six system-level indicators, some of which are located on both the server front panel and the server back panel.Power distribution Board 5V Power LED The power distribution board (PDB) 5V power LED (CR0601) lights green when 5 volts is being applied to the PDB.
Each storage drive has Power/Activity and Fault LEDs.
Service Required Amber OFF - Normal operation.1.5.2 Server Fan LEDs Each fan module has one bicolored, status LED.Figure 1-1 Front Panel Features on Server With 12 Storage Drives Figure Legend 1 Product Serial Number (PSN) label and Radio Frequency Identification (rfid) tag 6 TOP FAN Fault LED 2 Power Button 7 PS (Power Supply) rear Fault LED 3 Locator LED/Button 8 System.Tested Configuration: Computer Type: Rack Mount, mother Board Revision: st, bIOS: 08030103, cPU: 2 Intel Xeon Processor X5670.93 GHz.Figure 1-3 Back Panel Features of Server Without the Rear-Mounted Boot Drives Figure Legend 1 Power Supply Unit 1 (PSU1) 8 PCIe2 Slot 5 2 Power Supply Unit 0 flying cheat for gta 5 (PSU0) 9 Rear Panel System Status LEDs: Locator LED/Locator button (white) Service Action Required LED (amber).This pattern should begin soon following powering on the server.Overtemp Amber OFF - Normal operation; no service action required.For more information on swapping YES certified components, please access the following web page: m For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact: Oracle America Inc.