techno the hedgehog game

"Sorry but we need to activate this place as soon as possible." Then Alicia took out one of the Chaos Emeralds Knuckles found and inserted it into the reactor giving it a jumpstart allowing it to begin energy production and all of a sudden Techno.
"I'm not sadistic I just find joy in my work." Then a smile appeared on Sonic's face.
"You when I get my hands on you I'll!" Then Techno pressed a button and Sonic received several volts of electric shocks.
"What is Ivo doing here?" "I."Sound maybe it isn't wise to get too close." But to be honest Gamma himself felt strange although he is a machine his ACE seemed to be pulsingracing like a heart then they both reached out and touched the Master Emerald and it glowed."No way!" Then Techno grabbed him by the neck and held him up off the ground."Ugh where am I?" Then he woke up to faces that although he never met before seemed so familiar."I can just as easily kill you with a simple touch as it would take to open a can of motor oil!" "S-sorry!" "You can't say sorry now!"You're good for a robot!" "You're good for an organic!" Then Sonic used Time Break and Techno used Chaos Control and they both exchanged an extremely powerful blow creating shockwaves that were starting to disrupt the shield.July 27, 2009, techno: The Gamma Project has finally been released!Marblelous Garden / Sonic the Hedgehog."I hope you guys like punk rock." Then they all warmed up to Techno since he somehow knew their favorite rock music."Where am Iwho am I?" Then he heard a ping like a drop alex rider stormbreaker book of water hitting a pool of water.Then Darkspine Sonic spoke.
"Well then the sooner I get done with what you want me to do the sooner we can get out of your spines." "I like you you're up front and to the point and you show no fear although I guess being a fusion machine."My swords are larger and have more power your blades cannot withstand this for long!" Then Techno's swords turned black and sliced through Omega's blades and cut off one of his arms.Omega: "WellI wish I had the ability to transform into anything while retaining a mechanical existence and I also wish I could upgrade my systems at will." Then Will granted it and now Omega was in a sense the most advanced machine in existence."Whew I haven't had such a workout in ages now." "Wait!" Then Eggman swooped down and snatched Will's lamp from Sonic's hands."Whoa!" "Ha, ha, ha, ha, can you defeat me now?!" Then Shadow was being assaulted on all sides and found himself being overwhelmed.