ubuntu manual partition installation

In this video I explain about drive partitioning and give an example of deleting an old Linux install, resize Windows partition, and explain what the other partitions on your harddrive might.
Available Disks and Filesystems details of each partition.
2:48 Ubuntu Manual Partitioner 8:35 How to use GParted, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) tend to leave a boot partition and a Windows recovery no cd patch soulstorm 1 02 partition.Which do you want to use?By following the following steps, it will be visible by default.Launch K-Menu- System Settings- Disks Filesystems, each partition will be listed under.Ntfs is used for Windows and Windows backups.I recommend using Ext4 for Ubuntu, you'll also need a Linux Swap partition, which should be at least 1Gb, but its worth allocating more if you have enough harddrive space available.Loaded backup partition table instead of main partition table!One or more CRCs don't match.
By default, the boot menu is hidden and you will need to hit.
Aborting write of new partition table.
After loading partitions, the CRC doesn't check out!You will need to delete this partition or resize it in another utility.Remount /etc/fstab without rebooting sudo mount -a, run a system command automatically at Startup.Secondary partition table overlaps the last partition by 33 blocks!dev/hda2 on / type ext3 (rw, errorsremount-ro).Grub can then be embedded into that partition without the risk of being overwritten by other software and without being contained in a filesystem which might move its blocks around.BootCurrent: 0003, timeout: 0 seconds, bootOrder: 0000,0003,0001, boot0000* Windows Boot Manager.FAT32 tends to be a small bootup partition.You should repair the disk!Esc to see the boot menu.