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On the process orders screen, click on the Refresh View. .
You will have to then create the item name in QuickBooks and post the order again.
Assign customer currency code check this box if your website sends the currency code for customers and your QuickBooks is enabled for Currency.Reject the order: Set this option, if you want such orders not to be posted to QuickBooks.Check the check box Amount Weight Based Shipping and then click on Show Amount Weight Based Shipping.Note item mapping is only applicable if the website product code does NOT match the item name in QuickBooks.In QuickBooks, click on Edit Preferences General My Preferences.You can create a unique naming scheme by joining upto three fields.g.Select your store and click on Edit Store button.This will open a notepad text file with mapping definitions as shown below.Select Sales Receipt if you charge customers credit cards on the website.
Now click on Store Preferences and select the Store you are configuring. .
Click on File Automator Start to start the automator process.Click on Test Connection.Please note that this feature AND section IS NOT applicable FOR quickbooks online edition Also consult this shopping cart compatibility chart to make sure the cart you are using on your online website is enabled for inventory update from T-HUB.1 Quickbooks ecommerce merchant account setup for credit card processing.You will be prompted to confirm switching of QuickBooks company file when changing stores and you should select the option to do a full sync before setting options for another store.If you dont see some items from your QuickBooks in this screen, simply click on the Sync with QuickBooks button.Sold On Webstore is only applicable for inventory updates via update my realtek sound driver windows 7 64 bit the T-HUB automator, it does not need to be checked if you are updating items from this screen to website.You can use the shift and control keys to select multiple orders.If you do not see the Login as drop down then you can ignore this and proceed.