use dll in visual studio

In case of the many simple applications (like many of the tutorials will be) you do not need to break down the application into modules.
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However, this applies only to the additional include and library directories.
Note that for Visual Studio 2010 the file extension is props, while for 2008 this is vsprops.H namespace MathFuncs class MyMathFuncs public: / Returns a b static _declspec(dllexport) double Add(double a, double b / Returns a - b static _declspec(dllexport) double Subtract(double a, double b / Returns a * b static _declspec(dllexport) double Multiply(double a, double b / Returns.H into your exe project directory, so the compiler will be able to find.This is done using the path environment variable.In Visual Studio 2010 this has been moved to a global property sheet which is automatically added to every project you create: The process is the same as described in case of the local approach.Now enter the path to where your project's LIB files are.
Part 2, calling a DLL C function from a VB application.
Next to Environment, type in the following: path path to MathFuncsDll.
The base item of a project in Visual Studio is a solution.Press OK to save all the changes made.The really useful stuff of these is that you may create a rule package once and you can pc wizard 2010 windows 7 later fax tools 8 pro for windows 7 just add it to your new projects.To do this, from the Property Pages dialog, expand the Configuration Properties node and select Debugging.Note If you intend to run the executable from the command line rather than from within Visual Studio, then you must manually update the path environment variable from the command prompt as follows: set pathpath; path to MathFuncsDll.This means that if you have ten applications using the OpenCV library, no need to have around a version for each one of them.Method 2 means that the paths can be customized for each project, and will be stored inside the project, so any developer can check out the project and begin development - provided the same paths exist on the developer's machine.