vbscript to install patch

Patch Uninstall Commands section needs to be used as well.
Create C:Hotfixes and dump the path here.
It is palm treo user manual important to keep in mind that if there are more patches, then it will take longer to run through the installation of each patch.
This also makes this code more portable as you only have one file to deal with as opposed to multiple files.Below is the small piece of code you may like to use it for installing pathces or any small application on various computer remotely.Updates updatesToInstall Set installationResult stall If mber 0 Then objtextfile.Unzip a file, write a value to the registry.I also made some adjustments such as accepting a eula if needed for an update prior to installing. .The trick to this is that instead of having a vbscript file to copy each time, I simply use a here-string to contain the code and then use Out-File to write the vbscript to the remote machine.That task is to patch our systems to ensure we keep ourselves up to date on the latest security updates.Ie: m1 Import-Module m1 # #Validate user is an Administrator Write-Verbose "Checking Administrator credentials" If (-NOT (incipal.You can even use.
If you would like a listing of all of the codes to search from, you can find that here.
To report back to the server the remediation status the Sub.
Service autocad map 3d 2013 crack ita Packs and Hot Fixes, list Installed Hot Fixes, WMI ' List Installed Hot Fixes strComputer ".Ok, you might be asking me: Boe, why would we use this old legacy scripting language when we have the awesomeness that is PowerShell?With that in mind, when you copy the code you must save it with.psm1 extension and use the, import-Module cmdlet.Because the program prompts for all patch executable files, it can be used to install any security patches on the supported clients.Disclaimer The sample scripts are not supported under any Microsoft standard support program or service.The next step is to make sure that you are in the same directory as PSExec.After PSExec runs, I then check the value.There may be instances when a result code is not displayed or says Unable to determine Result Code.