voodoo 3 driver updates

Render To needs to be looked into significantly, considering the massive-flicker in the games' menu patched nintendo ds rom screens (not in Race) in "Own Window" mode, and the fact that the menu flickering disappears (but the introductory video doesn't run and the game crashes to desktop.
Sunday, 00:00, written by, vlask.DriverGuide maintains the most extensive database of Windows drivers on the web.As he has no way to host them, we agreed that I put them onto the web.And are often suggested for 3dfx/Glide problems by EA support documents and persons.).Next, select the driver from the list to download or view the details of that particular driver.EXE utility detecting my Radeon 9600 with two instances, one for Direct3D, and one for Glide.Gamma User Preference, mUST be locked for NFS3 in order to be effective if changed from default.3.Glide Wrapper settings should be as follows (Tested with NFS3 only, NFS4 should be similar Texture Memory 16MB, resolution Default (By App the games can run in Glide mode at least up to 1600x1200 via in-game configuration - no expansion needed.You'll see the same thing in your device manager which definitely doesn't know nor care about Glide."Voodoo Series Driver" Driver (25) 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
"Hardware Acceleration" should already be set at "1".
Apparently this behavior occurs on NFS2 SE as well (according to your notes).so I would try and delve into what's going on in general with EA's NFS game code architecture to see if there is a potential solution.Mark sent me these instructions via email.ArtsNeed For Speed III and/or, ArtsNeed For Speed High Stakes keys and highlight them.I do have a HyperThreaded Enabled P4 based system, and do have Thread Policy set to Use Render Thread as a Global setting, having read your notes.It is also possible to get the game to detect (and specifically list) modern video cards using the games' 3D Setup (3dsetup.Follow the directions with the patch precisely, especially the copying of the voodoo2A.DLL file (5/4/1999, 108KB) to the games install directory (this allows for higher resolutions to be selected in game, as high as 1600x1200 from what I can tell).Client Window solves this super nasty flicker for the menu screens, however, the introductory video sequence doesn't display, AND the game crashes to the desktop when starting a race, ergo, Own Windows is required to actually play the game.Voodoo3 Driver (10) 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.