xiah the game client

Sound Effects : Medium, character Customization : Low, violence : High.
Xiah: Rebirth features fantastic new world of powerful magic and ancient evil set in the mystical realm of Asian Mythology.
Item Mall : Yes, type : Fantasy, platform : Client Based.Learn 2 different types of Martial Arts; the Hard Force and Soft Force.Any gamer wishing to participate in either one or both events can do so by creating key pour poker office megaupload a free account.Xiah offers exciting ninth grade slays pdf features such as the rebirth system, five elements system, guild war system and a new high level system.Graphics : 3D Low, pVP : Yes, population : Low.The Five Element enchantment system allows you to imbue your items with the forces of the elements themselves, and grants your weapons powerful special attacks to combat the monsters that ravage the countryside.Gain access to the deadly Dragon Strike attacks via the Rebirth System, a set of martial arts training which will allow your character to receive vast new abilities and power as you level.Crafting : No, originality : Medium, distribution : Digital Download.The Official Xiah Website.Imbuing, refining, gathering, collecting, trading, taming and gambling are some of the fun and exciting things to do in Xiah.
Price : Free, pVE : Yes, system Requirements : High.The world of Xiah: Rebirth is waiting to be explored, with dangerous enemies and dark magic to face around every turn, are you ready to join the fight?Genre : RPG, guilds : Yes, grind : High.In the world of Xiah, players can also engage in a breath-taking guild wars with a lot of challenging maps and fight for tombstone.Xiah, overview, xiah is a 3D action fantasy mmorpg featuring Martial Arts.This MMO has unique and impressive gender-locked characters with their own origin, the book of miracles pdf age, height weight, appearance and personality.Xiah offers exciting features such as the rebirth system.Client Based: Xiah Overview.Xiah is a very barbaric game.