you tried to assign the null value to a

Unused 3190 Too many fields defined.
Isam 3251 Operation is not supported for this type of object.
It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need pdf page flip softwareware permission to view its data.
Isam 3281 Can't delete this index or table.REF integrity 3207 Operation not supported on a Paradox table with no primary key.Isam 3006 Database name is exclusively locked.Security 3032 Can't perform this operation.Parse 2431 Syntax error (missing operator).Misc 3057 Operation not supported on linked tables.Misc 3260 Couldn't update; currently locked by user name on machine name.Security 3031 Not a valid password.Extended 3104 Can't specify fixed column heading value in a crosstab query more than once.
Extended 3309 Property bound by flame crack games setting can't be larger than.
Security 3174 Couldn't open table 'MSysGroups' in the pokemon latest game for pc workgroup information file.DAO 3266 Can't append a Field that is already a part of a Fields collection.Extended 3317 One or more values are prohibited by the validation rule rule set for field name.Alter table suppliers modify supplier_id number(6).Option #2, modify the definition of the table to allow for a higher precision number in the column.